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The ANKO company was established in 1965 by Andreas Kokkoris.

Objective: The production of quality products.
During this long journey, it crossed many stages and manufactured numerous components and complete products, some of which include:
/ Motorcycles (two and three-wheeled) / Metallic money boxes for the Hellenic Post Bank / Components for agricultural machinery for a large German firm / Helmets for the Greek army / Coin hoppers for the Mint  / Aluminum and steel components for the PPC / Aluminum boats for LUCAS ALUMINIUM BOATS / Construction mixers
Since the mid-80s, we gradually focused on the construction of scaffolding equipment.
Since 2003, the business’ management was undertaken by Giorgos Kokkoris. He had been involved with the business since 1985, when, parallel to his studies in machine tools engineering, he was employed in the machine shop (construction of molds).
In 2008 the business is converted to a company with the trade name "GIORGOS KOKKORIS & CO partnership".
In January 2010 our production unit was transferred to our new, privately owned unit in Oinofyta, Viotia.
Our objective remain the same
Development continues …
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Production & Innovation

Idea Concept Design

Each one of our products is designed and aquires its final digital form using the engineering software package CAD UNIGRAPHICS NX MODELING PLM SIEMENS.

Testing Certification

Prior to the release of our products into the market, they are tested and certified by internationally accredited certification organizations.

Production Manufacture

All production means (molds-jigs-special welding machinery, etc.) are manufactured and maintained by our company's respective, using modern CNC machinery and CAM programs (UNIGRAPHICS NX MACHINING)

Raw Materials

All the raw materials used are of top quality, originate from approved, fixed suppliers and are always accompanied by relevant certification.

Products Manufacture

The manufacture of products and sub-components thereof is performed in our factory using standardized means that ensure standardization and uninformity for a lots.

Packing Shipment

All products are packed in order to enable easy and safe loading and unloading.


Our new production facilities to Inofita Viotias.

Head office ANKO and point of sale


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