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Scaffolding Decks/Toe Boards

For all the systems named above we provide the famous, with regards to quality and reliability, metallic floors from ANKO (class No.6) as well as other floorings (platforms, hatch and staircase platforms) in all lengths allowed by certification standards.
Our company manufactures and offers anti-fall protection systems (baseboards) for Multi Axis and frame systems.

Metal Decks 0.30x0.50-3.00

Toe Boards 0.15x0.50-3.00

Metal Deck Open-closing 0,60x1.50-3.00

Metal Deck Use in Tier


/  Security, robustness, versatility

/ Quick installation using only hammer

/ Space saving in transportation and storage

/ Wide range of standard pieces offer solutions everywhere

/ Usage of the same data in many iniquities work

/ Promotion materials including openings 20 x 20 cm

/ Full anti moth protection (hot dip galvanizing)